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Google doesn't get sarcasm. If the users love you, Google loves you.

Well, Penguin might have loved catching users with link baits, but Panda hates Spam or anything fishy. Most of the times, the problem is more about stuffing and irrelevant backlinks, resulting in penalties and black listing.

  • This might be the kind of talk you would hear from all SEO agencies. Filled to the brim with jargon, which even Google doesn't understand.

    We listen to heavy meta and sing about low bounce rate, even if you are selling trampolines and if spiders refuse to crawl. Then, some high PR directories or back links with some glowing SERPs might do you some good. This is the only way to ensure organic traffic.

  • If you got it, you'll love this..

  • The SEO of your Company and links for your SEO services through the best SEO services in Coimbatore from our SEO services in South India to enable us to generate business and revenue through ROI that is ROI through the Business and revenue.

  • Keyword stuffing? Really!?

  • Well, we have been doing SEO for a few years and we know these jargons & silly tricks pretty well. Its bull-crap mixed with content & black hat tricks that could you get you blocked, black-listed and worst of all - spammed with virus.

  • Listing down our services and stuffing the pages with repetitive, keyword rich content spread across multiple pages to ensure that we get better SEO ranking wouldn't do us much good apart from probably getting a higher bounce rate. We wouldn't recommend adding 2-3 pages of SEO specific content just to pull up your pages, because..

    We would rather understand your business objectives and suggest you the best option to provide you with custom solutions than make your site outright ugly for the sake of SEO. We have seen a slow, agonising death of meaningful and individual content across the web, because of the mad-rush to make it SEO friendly. Your site would end up losing it's your individuality and turn in to yet another fall-out, which is something that we do not want to happen.

The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google!

With 85% clicks on the first 3 listings, it's crucial to keep the website content user friendly. Our Dogma is simple- SEM & SEO is not about clicks & traffic to your site. It is about driving the right clicks and traffic to your site.

  • We, as an organisation strongly believe in user-oriented SEO process.

  • We have been delivering results for our clients relentlessly since our inception and also have considerable expertise in data analytics over the web for generating a better ROI while delivering optimized user experience.

  • Our clients have never had to make their websites ugly, just to pull their keywords on top

  • We would rather do SEO for the user than for the search engine.

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